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Color Blind TourBeginning March 7th and rolling on thru ’til March 27th. Blog will include give-aways for Amazon and Barnes and Noble. But more importantly, we will be having fun, kicking butt and taking paranormal names. Sign ups are open. Click on the GHBT banner above.



Blog Tour in the Wind!

Well, I just signed up for a blog tour with Girls *Heart* Books. It will be my first and be scheduled for some time in March. I am very excited. I could talk allGHBT day about my stories and my characters. I hope you will all stop by and chat with me when the time comes.

Five Star Review!!!!!

Five Star Review!!!!!

I got a five star review from a Reader’s Favorite reviewer. I had tears in my eyes after reading it. Made me feel so good, I’m sharing it here. The actual review can be found at this address: . This was so freaking great!Colorblind 2

Book Review

Reviewed by April Gilly for Readers’ Favorite

Color Blind by Penny Miller is the story of Harmony Phillips. Born color blind into a world where color tells what your “magik” abilities are and what race you are, she is an outcast. High school and love are tough for any teenager, but add in that you are the outcast because of something you can’t help and life just gets even harder. With her best friend, Tesch, and her loving parents, Sarah and Charlie, by her side, Harmony begins to conquer everything life throws at her when she starts to see color. Her dreams are coming true, she is seeing color and gaining “magik” abilities, but what price must she pay? Will Harmony be in control of her destiny or has Gaia given her one she can’t fathom?

Color Blind by Penny Miller is an amazing and one of a kind book. Penny Miller perfectly captures what it’s like to be an outcast teen in today’s world while throwing in the paranormal world and making it all believable. The characters in Color Blind are realistic, even if they are shape shifters and other creatures of lore. The descriptions of the colors and changes that Harmony goes through as she gains color vision and powers put you right there with her, even making you feel as if you were Harmony. I have never read a book so unique, realistic, and believable and I sincerely hope that there is more to Harmony’s story. Five stars isn’t enough for Color Blind by Penny Miller; it needs about ten! Color Blind is difficult to put down and I don’t think anybody would regret reading this amazing book.



2016 Author Penny Miller

Welcome  Everyone to my new blog site. Why change it up? Because icropped-arm-bands.jpgt’s damn hard to be a writer. Scratch that, It’s damn hard to become a known writer. I’ve always been a writer. Since first grade I’ve been writing; poems, lyrics, short stories and bits of dialogue. All my life the characters in my head have been screaming at me to share their stories and ideas with others.  So finally, I did. I took the long way around the block, got serious and got published.

Then I find out the work is only half done. Getting people out in the world aware and reading the stories I’ve spent blood, sweat and tears pounding out is a whole other job title. LOL@Me. Now, I have to promote!

I guess I had this whole ‘Field of Dreams’ fantasy. You know, “if you build it, they will come.” Only I thought, “if you write it, they will read.” I love to tell a great story. Nothing gives me a bigger kick when a reader tells me how I made them laugh, or cry or swear out loud. It means I hit the right note, like an opera singer that can shatter glass with the perfect “C”.

Color Blind is the beginning of my opera.  I am clearing my throat and getting prepared to shatter glass, folks. Color Full is in the works, more than halfway complete, and I have my directions for Color Less locked into the old mental GPS.

Still, Promotion, Promotion, Promotion! Ugh. I’ve never been a self promoter. I don’t enjoy being the front man. I much prefer the role of genius behind the curtain. But a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do.

Why? Because I really want to give others the magik I’ve found in Harmony Phillips and her crew. Sharing is caring, right?

So I hope that you (the reader) will take a minute to share with others what you found and liked when you read  Color Blind and why you would recommend my book to someone else. Don’t be shy.

Love Penny.