Write the Freaking Story! That’s my mantra.

I’m stoked about the blog tour. Hoping for a good turn out, spreading the word and getting Color Blind out there to a wider audience.

But mostly, I have been trying to write the next book; Color Full. I have had death threats from certain individuals if I don’t continue Harmony’s tale. (Mainly from my daughter and her friends, ha ha ha.) So, for those that are hanging in there with me, I’m offering a teaser.

Harmony has been through some rough times since the end of Color Blind. She’s met some interesting characters and she has been finding her strength and self-confidence. She has decided the best way to dismantle the Paranormal Council’s power is to destroy the basis of that power; secrecy.  Having said that…..

Chapter Eighteen

“I’m sorry, did you sahands of magic 2y ‘Youtube’?”

Lord Cre looked absolutely incredulous. He stood from behind his desk, the same one I thought could double as a Volkswagen, and eyeballed me as if I were an alien species.

I don’t think I’d ever seen someone’s eyes actually bug out like that before, unless they were gagging on a piece of food. The master of the castle simply stared and turned a peculiar shade of reddish purple.

“Um, should we like, give him the Heimlich maneuver or something?” I asked Tesch.

“Just give it a second.” He assured me quietly.

“Of all the idiotic, simple-minded, naïve…” Lord Cre presumed to begin name calling.

“Don’t call me naïve, you over-bearing, self-righteous son of a bi….”

“Whoa!” Tesch stepped in, placing his body between us like the referee at a prize fight. “Let’s not get too carried away here, Harmony. You wanted his help… remember?”

Over Tesch’s shoulder I could see Lord Cre pacing behind his desk. His strides were short and angry. Balled fists were posted on his hips, arms akimbo. His suit jacket flapped behind him as he marched. “Haaku ud! Nuuta jukketi botuu!”

            “What did he say? I demanded.

“You don’t want to know.”

My arms crossed over my chest in my best stubborn attitude. “What did he say, Tesch?”

My long suffering boyfriend sighed heavily. “Basically?”

“No, I want the ‘edited for TV’ version.” I spit sarcastically.

“He called you a dumb ass.”

“What!” I moved around Tesch to do battle. Lord Cre stopped his pacing to meet me eye to eye. “Listen up Lord High and Mighty! I’ve been doing the math and the way I figure it is with you coming up short.”

“You impudent child! How dare you speak to me like that?” Lord Cre’s nostrils flared heavily as he yelled in my face.

“I dare because the fact is, you need me a hell of a lot more than I need you! If I walk… then you got nothing! You hear me! Nothing. No prize dragon to slay the Paranormal Council with. No trick pony for you to ride.”

“And without me, you have no place to hide from the Grey Cloaks. No base from which to launch this asinine proposal. And no funds with which to pay for your grand scheme.”

“We’ve been on the run before. Tesch and I know how to hide in plain sight, my Lord. And all I need to start my campaign of truth is a cell phone and an internet connection. That’s fifty dollars at Walmart for a Go-phone and five dollars at a Starbucks for a cup of coffee. So who needs who here?” There it was, plain and simple.

Lord Cre scoffed. “Then why are you asking for my help? You’ve thought it all out. What is stopping you?”

“I may not need you to try and make this work, but I won’t deny that I could use you.”

“And I should consent to let myself be used because why?”

“Because I want to end those Council bastards as bad as you do.”

Staring Lord Cre down, I put all the steel and guts I could manage into my gaze. I prayed Gaia that Lord Cre wouldn’t guess how much I wanted him to give in to my ideas.

What I told him had been truthful. I could and would begin my crusade to bring paranormals out of the dark and into the mainstream light by whatever means available. But no one would deny that Lord Cre’s immense fortune and resources would make my self-appointed task a lot easier.

“And if I should decide not to play your game, dear Harmony? What if I should insist that you remain my guest until I can persuade you to eliminate the Council by means I have designed? What would you say then?” Lord Cre suggested slyly.

Tesch had mentioned this in his rambling confessions. He had wondered aloud if we would be permitted to leave. But I had one more ace to play, a theory I had yet to test.

Looked like now was as good of time as any.

Taking a deep breath, I allowed my vision to fracture into the kaleidoscope of white magik where the colors separated and merged simultaneously. I felt the tug in my chest, the energy sapping ward that sucked the life and power out of the paranormal soul. The weight of the spell staggered me but I held on, determined.

As Mr. Bellfwigg had taught me in the art room, I called a ball of magik to my fingertips. But this power wasn’t red or yellow or green or any other single color. This energy came from my core and it radiated pure white light.

Drawing from all the colors around me I expanded the sphere in my hands, and then again, and again and again. My bubble of magik spread to cover me, the awful pull of the warding spell diminished, dissipated, disappeared. The magik spread farther and wider until Tesch and then Lord Cre stood inside my circle as well.

The look of surprise on Lord Cre’s face was worth the beads of sweat running down the back of my neck. I stood with my arms spread wide holding the magik ball around us and smiled. “Your wards can’t hold me now, Lord Cre.”

The look of wonder vanished from Cre’s face, slowly morphing into a grim smile of admiration. “You’ve grown up I see.”

“Just recently.” I agreed. Perhaps in more ways than either of us could measure.

Hope you enjoyed the glimpse into Harmony’s future adventures. I’m working hard to get the story completed.

Wish me luck and Happy Reading!



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