Pretty Little Liars 6B, Shadowhunters, and Freeform (because apparently that’s a thing now)

Source: Pretty Little Liars 6B, Shadowhunters, and Freeform (because apparently that’s a thing now)


2016 Author Penny Miller

Welcome  Everyone to my new blog site. Why change it up? Because icropped-arm-bands.jpgt’s damn hard to be a writer. Scratch that, It’s damn hard to become a known writer. I’ve always been a writer. Since first grade I’ve been writing; poems, lyrics, short stories and bits of dialogue. All my life the characters in my head have been screaming at me to share their stories and ideas with others.  So finally, I did. I took the long way around the block, got serious and got published.

Then I find out the work is only half done. Getting people out in the world aware and reading the stories I’ve spent blood, sweat and tears pounding out is a whole other job title. LOL@Me. Now, I have to promote!

I guess I had this whole ‘Field of Dreams’ fantasy. You know, “if you build it, they will come.” Only I thought, “if you write it, they will read.” I love to tell a great story. Nothing gives me a bigger kick when a reader tells me how I made them laugh, or cry or swear out loud. It means I hit the right note, like an opera singer that can shatter glass with the perfect “C”.

Color Blind is the beginning of my opera.  I am clearing my throat and getting prepared to shatter glass, folks. Color Full is in the works, more than halfway complete, and I have my directions for Color Less locked into the old mental GPS.

Still, Promotion, Promotion, Promotion! Ugh. I’ve never been a self promoter. I don’t enjoy being the front man. I much prefer the role of genius behind the curtain. But a girl has got to do what a girl has got to do.

Why? Because I really want to give others the magik I’ve found in Harmony Phillips and her crew. Sharing is caring, right?

So I hope that you (the reader) will take a minute to share with others what you found and liked when you read  Color Blind and why you would recommend my book to someone else. Don’t be shy.

Love Penny.